Isomerism in coordination compound

  •  Compound having same chemical formula but different arrangement in their constituent atoms are called isomers.
  • Due to the complicated formula of many coordination compound, their is a possibility of different types of bond and number of shapes, so different types of isomerism may occur. 
  • Since their atoms are arranged differently, therefore, isomers have different physical and chemical properties(colour, melting point, boiling point and solubility) with different reactivity also.
  • Coordination compound exhibit the same types of isomer as organic compound.
  • Isomers are mainly classified into two types i.e.

               1. Structural isomerism
               2. Stereo isomerism

  • Structural isomerism is further classified into seven types i.e.

               1. Ionisation isomerism
               2. Hydrate isomerism
               3. Linkage isomerism
               4. Coordination isomerism
               5. Coordination position isomerism
               6. Ligand isomerism
               7. Polymerization isomerism

  • And stereo isomerism is classified into two types i.e.

               1. Geometrical isomerism
                2. Optical isomerism
      I will update in detail about this topic in my next article. 

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